Professional App Development Cape Town

Apps have taken online business marketing and accessibility to the next technological evolutionary level. It is not only large global, corporate businesses or popular IT developing companies that have Apps. Apps are for everyone and every business. These days everyone has either a smart phone or a tablet device, a little computer which they carry around in their pockets. You might think that this is taking your online market away but actually it is opening up a whole new field of potential marketing ventures.


The App is every business must have tool. An App is the easiest way to get in touch and communicate with your customers both past, current and future customers.


This is why you should have an App developed by Be Visible Cape Town Increase leads and revenue Increase leads and revenue

Increase leads and revenue
Increase awareness of your company and brand
Increase promotion and sharing
Increase loyalty of your customers

We work with companies to formulate a clear mobile app strategy and front-load it for success 

App Facts

Over the last 10 years the online world has been shaken up as the devices used to access the internet went from bulky desktops that could only be used at your home or office to perfectly sized hand held devices that you can slip into your pocket and take with you everywhere.  An estimated 45% of mobile owners use their devices to download social networking apps. In fact, 35% of Android and iPhone owners use apps such as Facebook before getting out of bed, according to a recent survey conducted by telecommunications equipment vendor Ericsson.

As the global community moves towards the use of apps to access social media, news and other websites the online world has shifted to the palm of your hand just as much as it has shifted to the palm of your customer’s hand.

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Apps as a Promotional Tool

The amount of people who have access to and use mobile devices to interact with the online community is increasing by the day. Everything including commerce, trading and payment is handled on a mobile device. That being the case, mobile apps are undoubtedly the future of computing and it is of the utmost importance that you as a business owner get in on the action by having an app developed for you and that your business is promoted through the use of a mobile app. Having an app will contribute to the growth of your business.


To make your app a success it should not only be functional but also eye-catching, user-friendly and work as intended. What the user thinks and feels when using the application is very important in determining the success of the app. The app should be used to make the life of the user easier rather than more complicated so design an app that will make users want to use it again instead of deleting it. In Cape Town we have an app design and development team of specialists who address and correct any problems you may experience with the app. No one should have to install new software onto their mobile device in order to use your app. If this is the case then most people would rather give your app the skip and use a competitor’s app instead. Our app development team in Cape Town knows this and they make sure that the correct software is so that the every phone is compatible.




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