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Take your business to next level by being well known amongst the social media community, let Be Visible Cape Town handle your company’s Social Media

The more traditional means of advertising such as television and radio adverts are slowly being over taken in the advertising race. Online platforms of social media are becoming more and more popular as the number of people with access to mobile and other devices enabling them to access the internet increases. This has opened a new playing field in marketing and has provided the means to reach new clients and keep up with existing ones.

Most businesses these days have both a website and a variety of social media accounts that they use in order to market their business and products. Social media accounts are incredibly cost effective and when used correctly they are able to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

What is social media?

Social media has changed the way organisations, communities & individuals interact. On a global scale people are sharing information about brands every day. Information is spread faster than the traditional means. While search engines are still used the most when people look for your products on the internet, social networks are morphing into recommendation engines. Search engines use social media interactions to personalise your search results. This means search engine optimisation and social media are linked and need each other in order to be effective. Internet marketing relies on both websites and social media.


Be Visible Cape Town provides social media management. Social media accounts for your business are set up to your company’s website. Our web designers in Cape Town are able to connect your social media to your website and from there our Cape Town based social media  experts take control of your social media accounts so  that your don’t have to worry about them.


What does Be Visible Cape Town Social Media Management entail?

Be Visible social media packages are affordable and are suitable for all types of businesses

Our Social Media Management team will create and distribute content via your various social media platforms. We specialise in the management of Facebook™, Linkedin™, Twitter™, Flickr™ and a wide variety of other social media. The social media can be updated on a daily basis meaning that your business and products and/or services are continuously marketed while your focus is on other more important aspects of your business.

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