When noticing a company for the first time, a logo is what stays in your mind. A good logo should be simple, memorable, unique, timeless, and appropriate. Logos don’t have to be bland and boring; having a logo that is easy on the eye and beautifully crafted goes a long way in serving its purpose. Our Cape Town graphic designers create high quality logos which can be used for most things from business cards to websites and social media. Be Visible in Cape Town has the best graphic designers who can create a logo that stands out from the rest.

Our logo designers at Cape Town Be Visible creates timeless designs

Logos designed by our skilled Graphic Designers in Cape Town:

  • Properly reflect the vibe of the business, either literally or figuratively.
  • Use elegant lettering and easy to read font type that represents the style of the business.
  • Uses colours that embody and reflect your business.

A versatile logo is one that can be easily used in unlimited applications (etc. website, business card, vehicle lettering, and apparel).


Eye catching logo designs by our leading Graphic Designers:

  •     Look good in smaller sizes (for use on business cards, etc.)
  •     Work well in single colour
  •     Do not rely on colour to achieve its effect
  •     Are not overly detailed
  •     Are not too tall or too wide

For a logo to be unique it has to be different while properly representing the business in a sophisticated and professional way. Simply creating an abstract or overly elaborate graphic logo will certainly make it unique, but is it appropriate, versatile and memorable? At Be Visible our logo designs cape town will suite your business and mach your corporate image.


A logo designed by the Be Visible Cape Town Graphic Designers:

  • Avoid overused imagery and logo styles, our designs are one of a kind. As our logo designers work closely with our Cape Town web design team, we are able to create the best logo for your website and other needs.
  • The graphic design team ensures your logo is personalized and unique by doing thorough research of the business and its competitors.

 Timeless logo designs created by Be Visible Cape Town:

It is not a good idea to be continuously updating or changing a business logo. When trying to build up a reputation for your company, constantly changing your logo will damage your reliable reputation and you will lose business because clients will not recognise you.


The greatest logo designs are those that stand the test of time. Coca Cola is a perfect example. The same logo concept created over 100 years ago is still being used by Coca Cola today. While it is rare that a company uses the same design for so long, it is not uncommon for large brands to stick with the same logo concept for long periods of time.


At Be Visible Cape Town our graphic designers create logos that avoid trends and are able to grow with the company. An overly specific logo will prove difficult if the business decides to branch out into new services or to offer new products. Get in touch with us today and let Be Visible Cape Town design a memorable logo for your business.

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